Let us show you what you're missing.

Yeah... It's a $45 haircut. It's worth it gentlemen.

How many times have you been wrapping up at the $15 "barber" and everything looks good? They show you the back with the hand-held mirror, ask if you want some product and you're on your way. But then you get home, maybe hopping out of the shower the next day and it just looks off. That clean line you saw just doesn't look so clean any more. You're noticing random hairs. What you thought was a good length starts looking funky. We get it. We've been there.

Here's 6 Reasons Why It's Worth It

  1. Experience Experience Experience. Did we mention experience? We're not knocking those just getting started, but let's be honest - chains are generally the training ground for folks just getting out of school. The stylists at these chains that become good enough to build a client base are generally moving on to higher end salons to expand their experience. Jack Thomas stylists have proven themselves, not just at the chains, but at the higher end salons as well. They're veterans of the industry, offering a professionalism and consistency that you simply won't find elsewhere - especially opening price point shops.
  2. Consistency. Your days of explaining "a #3 on the sides, finger-length on top" are over. Our stylists get to know our clients, making notes and suggestions. Next time you're in to see us, we're ready to duplicate the look that you loved last time. It's consistency that comes with experience.
  3. We're not herding cattle. We're simply not trying to get you in and out of here to increase "turns". Don't get us wrong - This isn't going to be an all day process, but we've set aside the correct amount of time specifically to cut YOUR hair. We've made sure to leave the right amount of time to focus on the details that seperate a $45 haircut from a $15 haircut. Your stylist will take the extra time to trim your neckline, eyebrows, ears and beard correctly. You know... the things you're wife has been telling you for years.
  4. Line? What line? An appointment (You can book one here) means you choose when works for you and we're ready to go to work. No more showing up on a Saturday morning and waiting for the 5 guys in front of you. As mentioned before, this also makes sure that we've set aside the right amount of time to do your hair justice and not worry about rushing through so we can clear out the 5 guys waiting behind you.
  5. Can we offer you a complimentary beverage? Of course we can. While it's probably a grey area for us to specifically advertise an open bar (we don't have an open bar), this is absolutely a casual atmosphere that one could definitely enjoy an adult beverage or two. It would be our pleasure to make that happen for you.
  6. Scalp Massage? Yes please. Seriously, forget everything else. Sure... we do cutting edge balayage color treatments and fancy updos, but let's be honest, this is why your wife comes here. If you're not getting a scalp massage while getting your hair cut, you're not doing it right. Do it right.

Products can literally make or break your hair

We recommend you try this immediately:
evo box of bollox

Evo's box o'bollox is like going from Folgers to Peet's. It's basically life changing for those of you that need some help getting the hair to do what you want without wanting to look like you've got a bunch of stuff in it. Seriously... it's good.